IT Budget Cost

The Improve Foundations platform is shared by a community of companies and IT integrators that pool their IT budgets and focus their investments to modernize their business.



80% savings on
your IT budget

The Improve Foundations platform supplies a “ready to use” Java technical foundations which limits the architecture phase of a application development project. Because the maintenance and development of this platform are shared by a community of companies, this business model reduces significantly the IT budget.


25% savings on
your business budget

The Improve Foundations platform features technical and functional pre-built modules. The simplicity of use of these modules encourages the integration of non-specialist developers in Java. This helps to limit the required technical skills and to decrease the HR budget. In addition, code generators and technical documentation significantly improve productivity and quality of development, and guarantee a return on investment on the first project.




60% savings on
your maintenance budget

The Improve Foundations platform ensures consistency of developed applications. The allocation of developers for the maintenance of these applications is easier to manage. Moreover, the skills required for this activity are low which significantly reduces the maintenance budget.



Cost control

An annual subscription allows you to enjoy the Improve Foundations platform for unlimited number of developers, projects and servers. The amount of this subscription depends on the level of support.

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