Improve Foundations

The new version of Improve Foundations platform (IFv5.3) is released on our Community Portal.

IFv5.3 is an important step for the roadmap of Improve Foundations platform. It represents the first evolution of the platform to become a real integration platform for CIOs.

IFv5.3 is now defined as a hosting platform for partner solutions editors (Improve Solutions).

IFv5.3 is also the first version to take advantage of our new development forge (Improve Factory) offering a complete continuous integration process to validate the quality of the platform Improve Foundations.

The Improve Factory forge is the main engine of our Community Portal. It will be soon available for the members of Improve Foundations community.


30% of components in addition
to enrich the platform


20% of lines of Java code in addition
to improve its usability


On a technical level, this new version of Improve Foundations offers the following evolutions :

  • Adding a new extension to simplify Batch development (IFE-Batch)
  • Adding a new extension to simplify JSF pages development (IFE-JSF)
  • Adding new protocoles for remote service call (Remoting)
  • The integration of Java annotations for easy configuration of service layers
  • Upgrading of several existing extensions


Fill up technology!

The new release of Improve Foundations includes several interesting improvement of the core architecture, with no impact on projects using previous version of the platform.

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