Enterprise Integration Platform

The Improve Foundations platform facilitates the integration of softwares and developments standardization by industrializing by the use of open source solutions. It optimizes and simplifies the development, the integration and the maintenance of projects by structuring an uniform technical architecture.

The foundations of a successful urbanization

The Improve Foundations platform offers a set of technical components, application modules and business solutions. They can be integrated and adapted as needed by the company’s information system.

In addition to these elements of urbanization, Improve Foundations organizes the industrialization of specific applications development by developers non-specialized in Java. For that, it integrates a Java technical platform, productivity tools and a technical documentation.

Improve Foundations may be completed by Improve Factory, a development forge which improves collaboration between the development teams



Build your own IT system

The Improve Foundations platform can be enhanced by solutions and services, in collaboration with our partners to build an information system adapted to your needs.

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