Long Term Support of Open Source

The Improve Foundations platform secures the sustainability of technical options for Java applications implementation with long term support and reinsurance of open source solutions at least 5 years of a distribution of more than 190 Open Source components.

Open Source safely

There are thousands of Open Source components on the Internet. They meet practically all technical issues encountered by companies. Today it is no longer necessary to “reinvent the wheel” for each new project.

The difficulty is in the effective integration of these technologies as a technical foundations platform, to industrialise and standardize the implementation and maintenance of enterprise applications.

The Improve Foundations platform saves time and ensures the sustainability of technical choices. It provides a set of technical components, application modules and business solutions that can be adapted and integrated into the information system. An annual subscription gives access to a professional support with commitments on reactivity and results.

  • A preventive support ensures the good management of possible impacts generated by Open Source evolution components to your projects. It includes monitoring of the evolution of licenses.
  • A corrective support provides support and correction of bugs in the Improve Foundations platform and the inegrated Open Source components.

The support services are accessible through our community portal. This HelpDesk gives you online access to a professional support of dozens of Open Source solutions.



Secure your technical choices

Our expert team is available to assist you on your projects. Their R&D activities regularly enriches the Improve Foundations platform. They can contribute to adapt the platform to your requirements and constraints.

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