Open Source Strategy for Enterprise

The Improve Foundations platform is a collection of stable and sustainable open source solutions to standardize and simplify the implementation of Java applications by developers not specialized in Java.

The Open Source contributes
to the value of your business

After several years of expertise in open source technologies, Improve Foundations platform reconciles the versatility and abundance inherent in open source world with the requirements of stability of the information system and a professional support.

The Improve Foundations platform includes “ready for use” technical foundations, shared by a community of companies. It has been progressively enhanced in close collaboration with the community by capitalizing on its members’ projects.

In addition to direct benefits identified in the implementation of their projects, partners needed to build a community of users in order to share costs and capitalize efforts to get a return on investment much higher than their investments.

A standardized application architecture

The core of the Improve Foundations platform features a modular architecture following the best practices. Available in Open Source edition, it is reusable on all Java projects.

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