Succeed to become a Digital CIO

Improve Foundations platform offers to CIOs a secure and structured approach to address the modernization of their information system to meet the challenges of the digital economy.

Boost your skills

Internet is now at the heart of the digital business. And CIOs have the responsibility to organize change management of the company’s business in this new market with international dimensions.

Because of the versatility of the technology, it is not easy to ensure the sustainability of the technical choices, and return on investment. Fortunately, several technologies were imposed as standards to effectively support this strategic change.

But still, we must gain the skills to define and manage the modernization of the information system of the company. For that purpose, Improve Foundations platform provides an operational distribution of open source solutions. It is itself delivered with its source code to ensure the independence and sustainability of its use.

The Improve Foundations platform can be defined primarily as a springboard for CIOs seeking to acquire a real know-how to take advantage of the benefits of the new digital economy.

Join a community of CIOs
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A subscription to the Improve Foundations platform allows you to share your experiences with a community of CIOs.

As a member of Users Club, you contribute to the governance and future evolutions of the platform.

You also get the added value of our network members to enrich your skills for management of the modernization of your business.

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