Keep control of your Java projects

The Improve Foundations platform integrates an Open Source Java technical platform to organize interactions between applications of information system and to standardize implentation of business applications by developers not specialized in Java.

Standardize your business projects

The Improve Foundations platform meets the needs of CIOs based on the experience of our experts in Java business applications development. It avoids starting a new project from scratch with usual series of following issues :

  • Which architecture?
  • Which frameworks?
  • Which versions?
  • Which practices?
  • Which standards?

In addition to this technical choices, you must add the skills required to develop the project. With Improve Foundations platform, our goal is to facilitate integration of business developers which are not necessarily specialized in Java and to focus on their autonomy at short term.


Only one training session is enough!

To help effective integration and autonomy of your staff on your projects, we provide training courses adapted to each profile.

Improve Foundations platform provides a “ready to use” framework which saves valuable time at start of project. It prevents a new project to be the occasion of a questioning about technical guidance of the company.

Quick & Easy to use

Improve Foundations platform structures developments with a technical global framework. Its goal is to facilitate the integration of new developers on a project. It limits the technical prerequisites in terms of competencies. This easy access encourages the mobility of resources for applications maintenance.

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