Constant Technology Exploration

The Improve Foundations platform is constantly evolving through innovations from technology watch and R&D activities performed by a team of experts, whose results are published on our community portal and blog.

Anticipate the evolutions of your business

Our permanent technology exploration is based on agile management of our experts activities. It is an integral part of our R&D, development and support of our products.

Its goal is to integrate efficiently the latest technologies to serve projects implemented with the Improve Foundations platform.

It allows to :

  • Identify new Open Source solutions available on Internet to enhance, after having qualified, the capabilities of Improve Foundations platform,
  • Anticipate obsolescence of some Open Source solutions, taking care to inform the ImproveFoundations community and evaluate the impacts of replacement, or removal, of the riskier solutions.
  • Qualify the new version of Open Source components included in Improve Foundations platform.
  • Monitor the evolution of licenses of integrated solutions by organizing, if required, their replacement and limiting the impact on your projects.

A full catalog of components

Use of Open Source components avoids “reinventing the wheel” on every project. The large number of solutions available on the Internet makes the company aware of responsibilities for the sustainability of its choices. To reduce this risk, the Improve Foundations platform provides an operational distribution of proven solutions.

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