Improve Factory

An operational forge for Java development

The success of a development project depends largely on the effectiveness of collaboration among its actors. It also depends on the level of quality control achievements. Most often, an agile and iterative approach allows to validate developments regularly, with more flexibility, project scope and avoid the famous “tunnel effect”.

For several years, Open Source projects are made ​​by multiple developers sometimes located in different countries. To ensure coherence and advancement these projects are generally based on a collaborative platform called Forge.

Following the best practices of Open Source, Improve Factory is a forge for Java developments adapted to the context of enterprises. It centralizes project’s informations as dashboards and repositories (codes and documents).

The forge Improve Factory features a continuous integration process to compile, test and deploy one or more projects. This process runs every night in order to qualify and integrate the developments achieved during the day. It also allows an agile project management tools by integrating the Scrum method .


Industrialize your Java projets

The release of ImproveFactory is coming soon. It saves valuable time in setting up a development facility to industrialize the build of your business projects.

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