Improve Factory

Encourage collaboration between your teams


The success of a development project largely depends on the efficiency of collaboration among its actors. It also depends on the level of quality control of achievements. Most often, an agile and iterative approach validates periodically, with more flexibility, the project boundary.

For several years, Open Source projects are made ​​by multiple developers sometimes located in different countries. To ensure consistency and advancement, these projects are generally based on a collaborative platform called Forge.

Following the best practices of Open Source, Improve Factory is a development forge (as a Java Factory). It centralizes key information in project dashboards.

The forge Improve Factory includes a continuous integration process to compile, test and deploy one or several projects. This process runs every night in order to qualify and integrate the developments made during the day. It allows an agile project management respecting Scrum agile method.

An operational forge for Java development

The Improve Factory development forge already integrates a set of features for operational control, construction, documentation, validation and delivery of your projects.

Following the same principle of Improve Foundations constant evolution, Improve Factory is regularly enhanced with new tools to simplify the management and implementation of your strategic projects.

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The forge Improve Factory is available in three separate offers according to your needs and your budget.


Customized Forge

It offers you to download the forge Improve Factory. You can customize the installation on your own development servers. An annual subscription gives you access to our online support and regular updates.

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Ready-to-use Forge

A monthly subscription allows you to use the forge Improve Factory for the duration of your projects. The forge is installed in your office on a dedicated development server. This server is provided and maintained by our support team (remotely or on site).

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Mutualized Forge (PaaS)

It allows you to use, via secure Internet access, a mutualized version of the forge Improve Factory. A monthly subscription (depending on the number of registered developers) allows you to host your projects implemented by distributed teams.

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