Drive your projects with serenity


While Java development environment has become more mature, deploy a continuous integration chain, organize unit tests management, secure versioning or ensure continuous quality measure are complex operations.

More widely, ALM solutions (Application Lifecycle Management) are intended to provide a continuous process to manage application lifecycle in terms of governance, implementation and maintenance. Solutions that propose to empower this process are often complex and costly to implement.

The Improve Factory development forge is a platform, based on open source solutions, dedicated to manage the development process with simplicty, thinness and economy.


Main functions


Follow your indicators

  • Roadmap
  • Gantt’s diagrams
  • Calendar
  • Trackers & notifications
  • Dashboards


Save time

  • Source code repositories
  • Frameworks repositories
  • Components reuse






Automate supply-chain

  • continuous integration
  • Build management








Validate project quality

  • Automated tests
  • Code audit








Organize delivery process

  • Binaires repository
  • Documents repository
  • Maven repository
  • Newsfeed
  • Announces


Share common goals

  • Trackers
  • Wiki
  • Forums






Customize your factory

  • Cross-functional
  • Users management
  • Rights management
  • Projects settings
  • Configuration