Improve Foundations

Make your Java projects easy


Any information system includes functions specific to the business of the company. So, there is important to secure these parts in a framework. Because technology is constantly evolving, CIOs will need to master the technology and share experiences for successful modernization. In this context the Open Source approach adds real value of innovation and sharing, but its abundance must be mastered and simplified enabling companies to focus on their core business. For this purpose the Improve Foundations platform is a strategic choice for CIOs seeking capitalize effortlessly and safely on the numerous benefits of open source.



A standardized application architecture

A coherent information system is obviously better. For over 10 years, we found a lot of best practices of architecture which contributes to this goal. But, the practical application of this advice remains heterogeneous. Therefore the heart of the Improve Foundations platform integrates a modular architecture meeting these operational best practices. Available as Open Source, it is reusable on all Java projects.

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Over 190 pre-integrated
Open Source components

Using Open Source components avoid “reinventing the wheel” on every project. The large number of solutions available on the Internet empowers the company on the sustainability of its choices. To limit this risk, Improve Foundations provides an operational distribution of proven solutions.

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Complementary tools
to save time

Generating code increases significantly productivity and quality of projects. The control and durability of this code often depend on tools that are used. The source code generated by Improve Foundations is independent of the tools. Its quality ensures easy maintenance.

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A useable platform for
non-specialists in Java

A method of project management enhances the quality of developments. And comprehensive technical documentation facilitates the integration of new developers. Improve Foundations comes with a set of methodological and technical documents.

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