Standardize your projects

Each CIO contributes to the value of his company by its capacity to improve the design, production or distribution of their products and services. He contributes to the modernization of the business with its ability to drive innovative projects in order to improve productivity or customer service. That’s why company needs solutions specific to their needs, based on proven solutions and standards. The area of convergence of this solutions is their perfect integration into enterprise business processes.

New applications integrated in information system must be economical, robust, maintainable and scalable. The best way to meet these requirements is to validate them along the project life cycle by standardizing their implementation.

The Improve Foundations integration platform implements a modular application architecture through its kernel IFCore which guarantees these characteristics. Available as Open source, it meets best practice design based on architectural choices widely accepted. It is an ideal platform for the integration of specific applications of information systems and third party solutions.

The choices, standardized by the kernel IFCore, impacting a few the source code of integration projects. The production of source code requires less technical skills and reduces the project cost. IFCore promotes the project consistency. It also simplifies their development and maintenance.

Finally, the choice of Improve Foundations simplifies access to Java World for developers coming from more traditional environments.

Main technical specifications

  • Simplified programming interface

    The kernel IFCore standardizes developments by requiring a multi-layered application architecture. Each application is divided into several layers of specialized services (graphical user interfaces, business rules, data access …). This allocation facilitates the organization of development and maintenance tasks.

    Recent innovations of Java (1) are fully supported by IFCore. Then, the source code of projects is more concise, more flexible and even easier to maintain.

  • Transparent transactions management

    Transaction management, possibly multi-databases, of applications are fully supported by IFCore. Transactional services are declared simply by configuration (JTA) with no impact on application source code. Business developers don’t have to manage failure (Rollback). This mechanism limited test cases and improves quality of projects.

  • Distributed application architecture

    Service layers, standardized by IFCore, can be deployed across multiple physical servers simply by configuration. This mechanism, called Remoting, handles remote calls between the different layers of services to improve performance, scalability and robustness of applications.

  • Centralized environments configuration

    Configuring access to various databases of information system is centrally managed. It is presented as a unique file including all configuration settings. This centralization simplifies significantly the deployment of applications on different environments (development, test, delivery, pre-production, production) along the development process.

(1) Improve Foundations is compatible with Java 5 and later versions. Compatibility with Java 1.4 is no longer supported by the platform from version 5.3.