Focus on your business


Modernization of an information system requires technological innovation. And the open source ecosystem filled with innovative solutions. Therefore the Improve Foundations platform has selected the most recognized solutions. Our expert team regularly contributes to their development. So, Improve Foundations is committed to securing, over several years, their successful integration into your project.

The Improve Foundations platform includes these recent technologies as extensions. These additions to the core IFCore simplify the development of business applications by developers not specialized in Java. They focus only on the production of functional code based on technical services in the pre-integrated platform Improve Foundations. These extensions are provided with their source code so that you retain technical control of your applications.

Of course, no extension is required. You can reuse your existing components or customize the Improve Foundations platform with your own extensions.


Most popular extensions


Serving your customers

This extension allows to adapt application in SaaS mode (Software as a Service).


The graphical user interface, business rules and data access are customizable according to criteria fixed for each domain of ​​use for your application.


Compliance with standards

This extension allows to develop a Web application pages in accordance with the JSF standard of JEE.


The access to the business services of application is standardized regardless the library of graphical components.


More rich applications

This extension facilitates the development with the GWT framework (Google Web Toolkit) for Web 2.0 application.


A single controller simplifies the GWT service calls and data exchange between client and server.


Batches for everyone

This new extension framework in the development of Java batch (Batch Processing).


It enriches and simplifies the use of Spring Batch open source framework which is recognized for this kind of need.


Security first

This extension standardizes configuration of user’s rules of application by securing the calls of business services.


A default implementation is provided as standard. It can be easily customized according to your security policy.


Everything is fine

This extension record all service calls, execution times and occurred errors.


The information can then be exploited via a web application providing multiple dashboards.


Data are here

This extension simplifies the integration of Object/Relational Mapping solution, respecting the standard JEE, like EJB 3.


Connections and transactions are based on a standardized API to perform common operations.


Distribute the tasks

This extension manages calls between remote services application. Tasks can be distributed across multiple servers to optimize performance.


The supported protocols are SOAP, REST and RMI. Others are being implemented.


Service is included

This extension allows you to call web services from outside the application or the company, to facilitate data exchange and processing.


Of course, the application can also expose its own services as web services.


Extension provided with Improve Foundations

  • IFE-Audit
  • IFE-Authentication
  • IFE-Authorization
  • IFE-Batch
  • IFE-Converter
  • IFE-EasyWeb
  • IFE-Error
  • IFE-Flex
  • IFE-Hibernate
  • IFE-JasperReports
  • IFE-Mail
  • IFE-MessAdmin
  • IFE-MultiProcess
  • IFE-PortletBridge
  • IFE-RemotingREST
  • IFE-RemotingRMI
  • IFE-RemotingSOAP
  • IFE-RialtoGWT
  • IFE-RTFTemplate
  • IFE-Saas
  • IFE-SaasStruts
  • IFE-Security
  • IFE-Struts
  • IFE-StrutsLayout
  • IFE-Web
  • IFE-WebHelp
  • IFE-WebService
  • IFE-XMLMapping