Industrialize your Java projects


A large part of the budget for the realization of an IT application depends on the workload consumed by resources. The use of code generators is a good way to save the budget. When the generated code is good, it reduces development efforts. And compliance with a standardized application architecture simplifies maintenance.

Productivity tools (IFTools provided with the Improve Foundations platform generate standard Java code. On average, a gain of productivity by 25% was noted. And better mobility of resources has been confirmed, which facilitates the maintenance organization of applications based on improve Foundations.

Of course, the source code generated by IFTools remains independent. And it is easy to maintain for developers not specialized in Java.



Start your project quickly

EasyProjet is a wizard for creating a project from customizable templates. It generates the skeleton of the application with the selected components in the Improve Foundations platform. The project can also be automatically injected into a continuous integration process.


Draw your screens easily

EasyForms is an assistant for a rapid design of application pages. Screens are generated to a technology target (e.g. Struts, JSF…). They are stored in XML files in order to facilitate the regeneration of screens, including to a new technology target.


Generate your business services

EasyServices is a wizard for generating source code and configuration of application’s services. The generated code also includes templates of unit tests. In addition, a map view allows developers to efficiently navigate among the layers and services of an application.


Enrich and test your web pages

EasyStrutsLayout is a JSP page editor. It is based on the use of open source component library Struts Layout. It contributes to the quality of the screens with a built-in preview. Moreover, configuration of actions integrated in pages is automatically validated.