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To take advantage of benefits of the Improve Foundations platform, simply join our community as a member. An annual subscription allows you to enjoy all contents and services offered by our platform to an unlimited number of developers, projects and servers. Various models of annual subscription allow you to access the entire platform Improve Foundations to your needs.



Open Source strategy
quick and easy

The subscription IF-STANDARD targets SMEs, and IT services for the implementation and maintenance of some Java projects by a small internal development team. Its goal is to accelerate the start of projects and simplify maintenance.

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Standardization of
Java developments

The subscription IF-ENTERPRISE is designed for medium-sized and large IT companies, for the implementation and maintenance of several Java projects. Its goal is to ensure their compatibility with subsequent versions of Open Source components.

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Effective collaboration
between your teams

The subscription IF-PREMIUM is for large companies, and integrators, for implementation and maintenance of numerous projects by several Java development teams distributed across several sites. Its goal is to ensure consistency of the company’s strategy.

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