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SODIFRANCE and Open Wide Technologies join forces to offer businesses a stable and robust technical platform to migrate their legacy applications to Java EE.

This partnership has two components :

  • The migration to Java of client-server applications is based on FAST technology of SODIFRANCE for a maximum industrialization.
  • The technical foundation Improve Foundations provides an effective response to the needs of corporate strategy for managing the heterogeneity of Open Source components.


Issues of maintainability and scalability associated with the integration of open source solutions.


The information system is often composed of specific applications. For these developments, many companies use Open Source components, available on the Internet by the thousands, answering almost all the technical problems encountered. Each CIO can choose technologies closest to their needs in line with business strategy.
The difficulty lies in the effective integration of these technologies as a technical foundation to industrialise and standardize the implementation and maintenance of these applications.

If the implementation of a “enterprise framework” seems like a logical strategy for companies, it is often a costly and risky choice because of the expertise required for its operation.

In addition, some CIO face some pitfalls in the use of open source solutions :

  • Open Source solutions delivered are often complex to learn and use by most business developers.
  • The heterogeneity of Open Source solutions sometimes triggers inconsistencies difficult to manage in the architectures of information systems.
  • CIOs have not always the right contacts in terms of support or maintenance.
  • The maintenance and development of an “enterprise framework” represents a budget too often overlooked.


A common foundation for managing the diversity of open source solutions


Improve Foundations is a development framework with a clear strategy for CIOs on the integration of these solutions and their evolution over time.

It provides:

  • homogenization of Java applications promoting urbanization of the information system due to a platform organizing interconnections between the standard or custom softwares,
  • structuring internal and external developments based on a common technology choices and standardizing best practices for their implementation,
  • significant gain in productivity of projects, realized and maintained by non-expert developers in Java, by hiding the technical complexity of Open Source components,
  • rapid evolution to an opened technical foundation managing scalability and technological heterogeneity.

Through this technology partnership, SODIFRANCE integrates Improve Foundations as a migration target for client-server applications.

The modernization process used in migration projects to Java will integrate generators to Improve Foundations.

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