Automate the distribution of your business documents


OSTENDI an Open Wide Technologies join forces to provide companies integration solution to publish corporate documents using a platform dedicated to the urbanization of information systems.


Advantages of an automated and safe publishing solution…


OsiDoc optimizes the production process of documents.

This solution covers the the following main issues:

Design issue

  • Phase of creation for complex templates is too long
  • Operational problems with corporate data
  • Non-compliance with presentation standards
  • Difficulties to validate the templates
  • Slow providing sample documents
  • Difficulties to maintain templates
  • Non-sharing of knowledge

Writing issue

  • Difficulties to select the right template to use
  • Difficulties encountered in the documents writing (business complexity)
  • Lack of reliability and accuracy of produced documents
  • Problems formatting documents (conditional composition)
  • validation procedures not met

Publishing issue

  • Problems to track transmitted document
  • Slow transmission
  • Ranking / storage not formalized


…serving urbanization strategy


Improve Foundations is a development framework offers CIOs a clear strategy on the integration of their solutions and their evolution over time.

It provides :

  • homogenization of Java applications promoting urbanization of the information system due to a platform organizing interconnections between the standard or custom softwares,
  • standardization of data exchange and processing between software components (standard and custom) of information system of the company,
  • beneficial in saving time implementation of the master plan based on a platform ensuring the successful integration of standard business solutions for a return on investment in the short term,
  • rapid evolution to an opened technical foundation managing scalability and technological heterogeneity.

Through this technology partnership, OSTENDI completes the Improve Foundations platform with a “ready-to-use” document publishing solution.

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