Develop with Improve Foundations

ref.: IFD02


This course is designed for Java developers to be involved in developing Java applications with Improve Foundations. The course is largely based on concrete examples.

Through this course, participants gain real autonomy as a proven methodology to develop with Improve Foundations.


Duration :

4 days



  • Learn how to develop business applications in Java EE
  • Apply the concepts of development with Improve Foundations
  • Implement Improve Foundations applications using the Eclispe IDE
  • Use the IF-Tools
  • Learn how to read UML diagrams in order to implement them in Java
  • Know how to develop and use IF-Extensions according to the needs of the project


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 IFD01 - Begin in Java with Improve Foundations

 IFD02 - Develop with Improve Foundations

 IFD03 - Design with Improve Foundations

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